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Tenshi’s research-driven probiotic venture Triphase Pharmaceuticals (Triphase) endeavors to solve the significant challenges that the formulations and manufacturers world over are subject to due to the limitations of probiotics.

Triphase’s patented StrainBoostTM technology offers the world’s first platform making high temperature stable probiotic strains for food, confectionary & dietary supplements. The platform technology has the capability to convert existing freeze-dried non-spore, forming live strains into temperature stable probiotics through a non-GMO process. Our products have the ability to be compatible with various manufacturing processes , especially required while making food , confectionaries and bakery products such as being subject to high heat conditions.

StrainBoostTM allows our partners to incorporate probiotics that are viable at temperatures up to 200 Degree Celsius into their new and/or existing products. Additionally, being temperature stable, our probiotics do not require additional storage conditions thereby eliminating refrigeration cost across the supply chain. Each strain is developed with an innovative and proprietary fermentation technology which could be adapted on any product with differentiated solutions

Adding a new dimension to the probiotics offerings A significant advantage to the manufacturer
New product introduction into formats where probiotics were previously unviable Probiotics can be easily added to existing manufacturing capabilities without the need for modification to accommodate their introduction into formulations
Viable cell count (CFU) at time of consumption versus at the time of manufacturing Reduced requirement for overages saves the cost of manufacturing
The shelf life of StrainBoostTM probiotics may allow for greater shelf life claims Probiotics don’t require additional cold storage – supply chain savings
Non-GMO probiotics enhance product-appeal to consumers (Halal and Kosher certified process)

Triphase offers a wide range of services and solutions that encompass the lifecycle of probiotics from the proof of concept to product development, stability, clinical validation, and commercial supplies. With StrainBoostTM, you can get all the features of the platform on your preferred probiotic strain(s). Our non-GMO process ensures that you can maintain all the claims you currently make on your product with the added benefits from the StrainBoostTM platform.

Incorporate your winning strains into new formats to give your loyal consumers a vast array of new and differentiated offerings they will love.

For further details on the platform and our products, please reach us at