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Tenshi’s InstaPillTM is a new paradigm in pharmaceutical delivery technology. It is a differentiated technology platform that is well-positioned to deliver compelling solutions for dosage convenience on-the-go with its rapid dissolve tabs (RDTs). RDTs from InstaPillTM is a one of its kind dosage format which can be consumed without water and disperses in the mouth in less than 10 seconds. The format helps to address common issues such as difficulty in swallowing, mainly by pediatric and geriatric patients, dosage convenience over traditional solid oral dosage forms, lending itself to extending the product offerings by keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.

We have a steady pipeline of products under active development for the global markets, and several of our products from the InstaPillTM platform have already been filed in the regulated markets of the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. Our capabilities are built on our two state-of-the-art facilities in Bengaluru, India, and New Jersey, USA. The Bengaluru facility is dedicated to research and development activities and is equipped with capabilities to develop and produce lyophilized RDTs coupled with advanced taste-masking and flavor-enhancing techniques. Our products taste and flavor profiles are developed and validated with an independent lab with feedback through a Human Taste Assessment study. The unit runs in a highly compliant GLP and GMP environment and is approved by the USFDA and the TGA, Australia.

Our manufacturing facility in New Jersey is currently under validation and is expected to go live in CY2020. This facility will be state of the art with capabilities to address our exclusive developments with a compact manufacturing footprint and a fully automated and integrated line delivering superior efficiency and adherence to a greater compliance framework. The facility has readiness for all global approvals and will be a first of its kind in its capabilities and approach.

Benefits to the patients The Product Differentiators
Dispersion time less than 10 seconds Innovative format with strong consumer preference
Convenient delivery, can be consumed without water Taste masked & flavor-enhanced
Faster onset of action Novel format with Multiple packaging formats
Convenience to the population with difficulty in swallowing Differentiated brand claims

We are a partner of choice for the development of RDTs to facilitate Brand Life cycle management solutions. With InstaPillTM proprietary solutions, our platform can be easily extended to a wide range of products across multiple therapeutic classes and dosage strengths. In addition to InstaPillTM infusing new life to a brand and its positioning, it also offers solutions to develop a product enhanced market claims, novel delivery format, superior caregiver and patient experience and potential exclusivities in the market through regulatory strategies including 505(b)(2).

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