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  • Celebrating every woman’s health at each step of the way, we at NAARI are a vertically integrated women's health company focusing on hormones.

  • We provide a complete suite of capabilities in drug discovery, development and manufacturing across solid oral Fixed Dose Formulations (FDFs), Active Pharma Ingredients(APIs)& intermediates. Anticipating the future needs and delivering high-quality novel formulations, we also have an innovative product pipeline at different stages of development and clinical trials.

We take pride in being one of the only three global players that offer fully integrated capabilities serving the healthcare needs of women. At NAARI, our expert R&D team has combined experience of more than 150 years of understanding the specific technical processes required for the production of a comprehensive high-quality hormone portfolio.

As a part of our growth strategy, we are actively collaborating to commercialize and scale API businesses in Japan, US & EU, engaging with international regulatory bodies like EDQM & USFDA to develop novel contraceptives and filing for Pre Qualifications (PQ) with WHO & DCP in Europe for expanding our portfolio.


    • Generic Product Portfolio
    • Generic Product Portfolio

    We have a large portfolio of hormonal intermediates, APIs and FDFs. Our FDF site in Rudrapur is approved by the EU, ANVISA, Taiwan (PICs), Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Turkey, and many other regulatory agencies. Our APIs site at Kashipur is currently supplying APIs across the world including the EU.

    • Innovative Product Portfolio
    • Innovative Product Portfolio

    We have a strong focus on innovation and over the last few years, we have developed 3 products that are at different stages of clinical development. We are in the process of exploring strategic partnerships to commercialize these products.