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  • Tenshi Kaizen(TK), the speciality pharma division for Tenshi Life Sciences is focussed on delivering advanced finished dosage products driven by best in class technology, global infrastructure and a robust quality system.

    Under the Tenshi Kaizen framework, the business is split across three verticals

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  • Probiotics


  • Herbal Extracts

    Herbal Extracts

Rapidly Disintegrating Tablets

Under this vertical, we are committed to delivering geriatric and paediatric pharmaceutical solutions using proprietary technology. We have capabilities of developing rapidly disintegrating tablets(RDTs) – a convenient drug delivery alternative to conventional dosage forms. Our gelatin-free lyophilised RDT platform is optimised to deliver robust, rapidly disintegrating tablets with superior organoleptic properties. It is a dosage delivery platform that helps address common issues such as difficulty in swallowing traditional solid oral dosage forms, mainly by paediatric and geriatric patients, lending itself to extending the product offerings by keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.

We have a steady pipeline of products under active development and scale up, and our capabilities are built on our two state-of-the-art facilities in Bengaluru, India and New Jersey, USA. The Bengaluru facility is our dedicated for research and development activities and is equipped with capabilities to develop and produce lyophilised orally disintegrating tablets coupled with taste masking techniques for bitter/astringent ingredients. The unit runs in a highly compliant GLP environment and also has the capability to develop conventional tablet dosage having micro gram per unit dose with perfect distribution using a specially designed spray granulation system.

Our manufacturing facility in the New Jersey is a state of the art with capabilities to address our exclusive development with a compact manufacturing footprint and high degree of automation. The facility has readiness for all global approvals and will be a first of its kind in the capabilities and approach.

In addition to building the pipeline of speciality drugs, we also intend to strengthen our product portfolio by entering into mutually beneficial collaborations, be it product in-licensing (initial stage/advanced stage of development), technology collaborations or co-development.

We understand the value of partnership, and therefore we follow a flexible and adaptive approach to improve efficiencies. We are open to partnering opportunities for developing and delivering innovative value-added products. With our committed team, we combine our technical expertise with our partners to help them achieve their business objectives. We work hand-in-hand as the project progresses taking all the strategic and tactical product development decisions together.

B2B - Thermostable Probiotics – Triphase

Triphase’s novel platform technology allows us to manufacture thermostable probiotics that are viable at temperatures over 200°C, eliminating refrigeration cost across the supply chain and in turn increasing brand’s shelf life. Being a platform technology, it is easily extendable to multiple strains, and our processes are non-GMO.

Application of strains for food, functional ingredients and OTCs is also readily achievable with this technology. For discussion on partnering opportunities and details around the platform, please write to us.

B2C - Therapy specific probiotic solutions - Tenshi Life Care

Over the last decade, there is widespread interest among medical practitioners worldwide in the use of probiotics for wellness as well as illness. Significant investment has been made in research and clinical trials worldwide with specific species and strains. At Tenshi Life Care we intend to play an essential role in spreading the awareness and usage of probiotics in India and focus on bringing out high-quality disease-specific probiotic offerings.

We offer a range of probiotics for the Indian market. Our value proposition is unique as we are pure-play probiotics initiative and have the most extensive scope for various disease conditions.

Olene Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Olene Life Sciences is a pure play innovation company focused on novel natural products for human and animal health applications. We have eight industry leading patents including four platform technologies. We research, manufacture and supply highly bioavailable, safe, natural and clinically tested nutraceuticals and nutritional ingredients for the global market.

In the human sector, our products cater to addressing health issues associated with joint health, digestive health, eye health, cognitive health and fungal infections. In the animal sector, our research and commercial focus is on slow release non protein nitrogen products and rumen bypass products such as lysine, methionine, sodium butyrate, vitamins and minerals.