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Building an enterprise that generates value for all its stakeholders.
Bullet points of values
    • First value
    • Identified domains with scarcity value
    • Second value
    • Focused approach for differentiated products on the back of a strong R&D base
    • Third value
    • Charting footprint in regulated markets along with integrated supply chain
    • Fourth value
    • Organic-Inorganic led strategy and continued engagement with partners
    • Fifth value
    • Best practices around manufacturing, quality systems, environment, health and safety
  • Focused on improving human life, Tenshi is a global consortium dedicated to delivering world-class quality of pharmaceutical products through innovation made cost-efficient.

  • Building on our strong global footprint, we are committed to fulfilling the demands of the world markets by anticipating the future needs and pioneering strategic new in-roads into the commercial pharmaceutical sector.

We are focused on fulfilling the demands of the world markets through our 5 business segments:

Backed by expertise within domain, strong R&D base and global manufacturing infrastructure, we consistently deliver excellence and superior quality products to foster strategic value for both our clients and stakeholders.

  • We're committed to meeting challenges each step of the way.
  • Our eco-system is driven by 3 imperatives -

    • Value oriented approach
    • 100% compliance to global quality standards
    • Commitment to institutional ethics

    It underscores our responsibility and accountability to protect, sustain and grow our contribution towards environment, health, employee wellness and customer satisfaction with the highest levels of transparency.

Our people embody the skill, intelligence, dedication and thirst for research that medical innovation requires. Our open workplace policy encourages ideas, offers autonomy, nurtures leaders and rewards excellence.

To push the boundaries of science to deliver reliable and valuable pharmaceutical products that enhance the quality of lives, today and in the future.

To foster a productive and conducive environment for all our employees, encouraging innovation and creativity.

To keep up with the fast-paced dynamics of medical technology by staying a committed investor to innovation and breakthrough technology.

With acute attention to details and an adherence to perfection, we commit to produce superior quality and cost-effective products for various niche segments with speed and agility.

With focus on green chemistry, innovation and governance; we strive for total corporate responsibility, strict regulatory compliance and environment protection.

  • Operate with highest degree of integrity, transparency and commitment to deliver perfect results each and every time
  • Commitment to highest levels of Governance, Compliance, Consistency and Quality to enable exemplary customer experience and loyalty
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial passion in a learning ecosystem and implement best practices of operational acceptability
  • Early adoption of state-of-the-art technology to manufacture superior quality pharmaceutical solutions
  • Pioneer disruptive innovation and implement advanced solutions for imperative market needs at a value-cost exchange

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability is as central to our business as pharmaceuticals. We aim to pursue both with equal passion, contributing to the growth and development of communities around us.


Tenshi CSR Policy